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The air pressure in the AFO for foot pump helps to stretch the skin of the lower legs, especially the Achilles tendon. This stretching reduces the tension on the Achilles tendon. If the Achilles’ tendon becomes tight, the blood flow to the leg will be constricted which will decrease circulation and increase the risk of infection. An increase blood flow to the lower legs, in general, is one of the treatments of heel spurs. There is another reason, how does an AFO for foot drop work.

When the AFO is functioning correctly the air pressure applies pressure to the back of the tibia (the bones behind the heel) and also applies pressure to the front of the tibia. This pushes up the big toe and also forces the rest of the foot to keep moving upward. This helps to remodel your lower legs. The third way, how does an AFO for foot drop work is that there are certain devices worn on the foot. These special socks or pads apply the air pressure to the foot. They slip over the top of a pair of shoes. This helps reduce the stress on the shins and ankles that result from walking without the proper support.