Review of the Ground Reaction Air Cushion

For more than a decade, Ground Reaction AFO for foot drop problems have been the subject of thousands of reviews, from professional athletes and weekend warriors to weekend workers and old-timers everywhere. Reviews show that AFO is a versatile cushion that’s great for nearly every situation, whether you’re an avid skier snowboarder, pilot, or snow shoeer. Reviewers praise AFO for its durability and dependability, but also highlight that this cushion makes a big impact with snow shoe drops, even if it’s not intended as a primary solution. “This AFO for foot drop was able to absorb the shock of my first snow fall, yet still provide a comfortable ride after the fact,” says Matt Gagnon, editor in chief of Mountain Hardware.

Ground Reaction AFO for foot drop is designed to spread the pressure from the landing impact by infusing shock absorbers into the pad. When you land, the cushion spreads the shock throughout your entire body, helping you maintain your balance. The air cushion also absorbs the hardness of the snow and makes it easier for you to step off, making AFO the perfect solution for cross country skiing, trail running, and other powder sports. “I have been using AFO for years in all kinds of conditions and environments, including Downhill Mountain biking,” says Jonny de Ver Green, owner of Mountain Hardware in California.

“AFO is not the cushiest cushion, nor the prettiest looking. However, it does what it is intended to do – work. The moment I received my AFO, I put it to the test. Unlike other cushions I’ve tried, AFO quickly absorbed the shock of my first fall. I noticed a significant improvement in my balance and stability immediately.”

In addition to absorbing shock, Ground Reaction AFO brace for foot drop maximizes your shock absorption. “After a couple falls, the cushion really didn’t feel that great at all. But after using it for an extended period of time, I could feel a remarkable difference in how my feet felt after a few minutes of wear. Gone were the days when I would wake up in the morning with sore toes and a pain in my calves,” says Matt Bach, a skier and performance specialist for Black Diamond. “I fell a couple times while I was on a snow slope, but the AFO protected me from a possible broken ankle. It’s definitely a huge factor in my favor when choosing a ski boot that has to take a lot of shock to the feet.”

So, what does the AFO do that makes it so special? According to its manufacturers, it uses airbags. Each air bag is designed specifically to absorb the energy required to cushion your feet against the impact of each step. With a dual-layer cushioning system, the AFO can absorb more than 300 Ib of force, compared to just a hundred for traditional uppers. The air cushion even re-inflates after each skiing or boarding jump. The best review we read is that you’ll feel like you’re wearing two extra layers of cushioning, which adds to both comfort and safety.

This AFO review concludes that this Air Cushion is a great value for the money. It will give you all of the comfort you need in a powder-like surface with high shock absorption. The built in valve ensures that the air stays in the boots, so you don’t have to change it in the middle of your session. This means that you get optimum performance and not waste any air.

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